Could usage:

Could can be used in several situations.Some of them are 

Possibility : 

  • Heavy rains could cause the road damage.
  • Heavy consumption of cigarette could cause  cancer.
  • Why did you do that? It could have broken your legs.
  • You could have called me first.
  • Due to hectic schedule,I couldn’t make it happen.


  • I could play football when I was 18 years old.
  • Yesterday,I couldn’t eat full meal .


  • You could have spent your time in new York.
  • We could take a auto because it’s too far.
  • We could go to a movie if all are interested.
  • You could have taken Cappuccino .


  • Could I have something to drink?
  • Couldn’t you help me with this for just  a minute?
  • Couldn’t he thinks about you?
  • Could you please help me out?


  • Could I take this Friday off?
  • Could I take your pencil?
  • Could I use your laptop for sometime?
  • Could I take advantage over her?

It also used to tell something that has no possibility .

Janvir couldn’t have seen him .